Lille is the biggest city in the Hauts-de-France (northern) region of France. It is located at the border of Belgium, on the river Deûle and is one hour away from the Sea Channel. It is the fourth most populated city in France, and is part of a vast conurbation, the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tiournai. Lille was awarded "European capital of design" in 2020. It is the third-biggest student city in France, with over 110 000 students. Lille hosts a university, l'Université de Lille, aswell as a private university, Université Catholique de Lille, but also business schools like EDHEC, Skema and IESEG, and engineering schools like Ecole Centrale de Lille.
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About the city

Did you know?

The city of Lille used to be an island, surrounded by the river Deûle. This is actually where its name comes from, "L"île" meaning the island in French.

1200000 inhabitants
115000 students
78000 international students

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