Nantes is one of the biggest city in the North-West of France. It is located along the Loire river, 50 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. It has a heavy history, as the city used to have an important role in the slave trade during the XVI, XVII and the XVIII centuries. Its rich architectural and cultural heritagehas earned it the "City of Art and History" label. The city welcomes 43 000 students every year. It hosts one university, the University of Nantes, but also business schools, such as Audencia, and engineering schools, such as Polytech Nantes and Centrale Nantes.
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About the city

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One of the mascots of the city of Nantes is a gigantic articulated elephant made of wood and steel, measuring 12 m high and 21 m long. This tourist attraction wanders daily on the island of Nantes.

660000 inhabitants
43000 students
5000 international students

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