Brest is the second-biggest cities in Brittany, and is located in the extreme west of the region. It is one of the most important harbor in France. The city’s history was marked by its military role, as it developed around its arsenal and took part in many conflicts. Brest has been awarded the City of Art and History label. It is also a significant student city, with over 29 000 students. Brest's university is renowned for its medical school. The city hosts engineering schools like ESIAB, IMT Atlantique or ENSTA Bretagne, and the Brest Business School.
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About the city

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During World War I, many Americans soldiers entered France through Brest's harbor, in order to reach the front lines. US navy even established a naval station in Brest during a time.

140000 inhabitants
29000 students
3100 international students

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